Fourier Transform InfaRed spectroscopy (FTIR) and its gemological applications

Published on the Italian Gemological Review, issue N°5, Sep 2018

There are two vibrational spectroscopy techniques successfully used since years in gemology: the Raman and the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). It is not by chance they are considered complementary “sisters” techniques and, therefore, both necessary in the modern gemological laboratory. If Raman spectroscopy,  which we have discussed  in the issue N ° 3 of the magazine, is distinguished by its effectiveness in identification of gems featuring  well-defined crystalline structures and is, unfortunately, less suitable for analysis on amorphous and organic materials,  FTIR, on the other hand,  provides more precise information about the latter and it is also an irreplaceable tool in the analysis of diamonds.

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