UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer

GemmoSphere™ is a small but powerful UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer specifically designed and built for diamond & gemological laboratories.

GemmoSphere records gemstone’s absorbtion spectrum at near-UV, visible and near-infrared wavelengts.

It’s main purpose is for verifying natural origin of colorless diamonds, but this technology is also widely used in other areas, such as for testing fancy colored diamonds, sapphires, emerald, spinel, tourmaline and jadeite. GemmoSphere™ works with the same familiar software as other MAGILABS products, provided with it’s own growing UV-Vis-NIR – libraries.

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  • Fully automatic absorption spectrum acquisition
  • Works for loose gems from 0.01 to 50+ ct.
  • High quality 4″ teflon integrating sphere
  • Ocean Optics Enhanced Sensitivity spectrometer embedded
  • Works best on transparent or translucent gems
  • Minimal sample preparation (cleaning) is required
  • Place the gem table down in the sphere, close the lid & Go!

Software – It Does Make a Difference

GemmoSphere™ uses the same software as other MAGILABS products. Following easy steps, the AutoScan wizard produces high quality results starting from the very first use. No prior experience is required – just insert the sample, close the lid and go. The software is loaded with spectra of the most important gems, such as diamond, emerald, alexandrite, sapphire, garnets and jadeite.

  • Comes with pre-installed Dell™ laptop computer
  • Free software with built-in gemological UV-Vis-NIR-library
  • AutoScan feature – follow the wizard and make no mistakes
  • Automatic spectral library search
  • Built-in update feature installs free library updates via the Internet
  • Fast USB connection to Windows PC (or Mac with Windows partition)
  • Advanced Zoom & Pan methods, floating & nearest point cursors
  • Drag & drop spectra vertically for reading clearance
  • Peak Smoothing Algorithms: Boxcar, Savitzky-Golay
  • Peak Finder, Derivates, noise etc. advanced analysis methods
  • Multi-spectra tools for comparing up to 50 spectra simultaneously

Hardware & Technical Specifications

GemmoSphere’s speed, light sensitivity and spectral purity is a result of 4 years study of searching the best optics, light sources, fiber optics and sampling geometry – specifically for testing gemstones. Just like in the case of our Raman products line, after careful investigation of various producers, we found there is no par for the World’s #1 miniature spectrometer manufacturer Ocean Insight, USA.

  • CNC milled stainless steel & aluminum construction
  • PTFE- integrating sphere for maximum signal strength
  • Ocean Optics Enhanced Sensitivity spectrometer embedded
  • Resolution: ~ 1.3 nm
  • Range: 365 – 1000 nm (pure results on the whole range)
  • 2nd order filtering for spectral purity
  • 16 bit A/D resolution (65000 counts)
  • Spectrally filtered, Xe-boosted halogen / UV-sources
  • Small footprint suitable for desktop; 160 x 255 mm (6.3″ x 10″)
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Electrically safe 12V system supplied with laptop type transformer (12VDC 3A)
  • Easy access from the bottom for changing the halogen light source
  • 15-28ºC operating temperature range

What is included

  • GemmoSphere™ UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer
  • Laptop computer with pre-installed software
  • 12VDC 3A laptop type transformer, 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input with US, EU or GB plug
  • USB Cable, 1 meter
  • USB flashdrive including Operating Instructions
  • Tools set & spare light source
  • 1 year warranty


  • Internet connection (optional, for library updates)
  • 110-240V AC or 12VDC (3A)

Spectrally shaped & optimized light source

The GemmoSphere™light source has been spectrally shaped with a special set of optical filters for enhancing both blue and near infrared areas of the spectrum. Additionally a series of balanced UV-sources are used for increasing the amount of UV-radiation. Finally, material with excellent UV- and blue light reflection properties has been used for manufacturing the integrating sphere.

The image on left shows the difference between the raw spectra of regular halogen source used in most similar products (yellow line) and GemmoSphere’s spectrally shaped light source (green line).

As a result of this spectral shaping we are happy to offer a gemology- oriented spectrometer producing noise-free results for the whole 365 – 1000 nm measurement range. The maximum noise-free absorption is about 3.0 (1/1000th of light passing trough the sample) at the UV & visible areas of the spectrum, and about 2.0 at the NIR-area.

Installation & Maintenance

GemmoSphere™ can be installed by the end user and does not require for technician visit on site. The system is shipped with a laptop computer having pre-installed and tested software.
GemmoSphere™ can be installed on any flat table surface, and has been designed to require only minimal maintenance. The only consumable is the halogen light source which can be changed easily to a new one by the end user.


MAGILABS Warrants to the original purchaser of the GemmoSphere™ that the unit will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of original shipment.

GemmoSphere™ contains no user serviceable parts other than easily changed halogen bulb. The enclosure is sealed with a holographic label in order to prevent unauthorized maintenance. Any attempt, alteration and modification of the machine and/or the seal not made or formally authorized by MAGILABS will void and nullify the warranty. The warranty does not cover any of the following conditions:

  • MAGILABS seal and/or serial label has been tampered or removed.
  • Damage caused during installation and/or transportation of the unit.
  • Damage caused by modification or repairs not authorized or made by MAGILABS.
  • Unusual physical or electrical stress or power fluctuations.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Abuse or improper and unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect.

Return & Repairs

For warranty returns and repairs, written proof of original purchase date must be provided. The unit returned for repair or replacement must be properly packaged to avoid damage. Warranty repairs will be made, at our option, on-site or at MAGILABS facility.

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