MAGI announces new GemmoRaman-532SG spectrometer

MAGI announces new GemmoRaman-532SG spectrometer

MAGI has recently delivered it’s first GemmoRaman-532SG system to the National Assay Office of Latvia. Specifically designed as a custom system, the GemmoRaman-532SG represents the most advanced gemological photoluminescence and Raman spectrometer currently on the market at a reasonable cost.

Scientific Grade Raman spectrometer

GemmoRaman-532SG is based on state of the art Ocean Optics TEC cooled scientific grade spectrometer capable for detecting smallest Raman and photoluminescence signals of the material with very high signal to noise ratio. It’s extended spectral range is extremely useful for diamond studies, allowing clear detection of important signs of possible synthetic origin and/or irradiation treatments.

Rare diamonds with GemmoRaman-532SG. Strong “Silicon”- peak at 737nm is a proof of synthetic (CVD) origin of a diamond.

“We were looking for Raman system for last 5 years before we contacted MAGI and we found it, than it fill our expectation, as it fulfills most of routine testing tasks, works fast and fits in budget. Gemmoraman 532SG add capabilities, faster scans for higher workload, wider range for important diamond scan application and higher sensitivity for demanding applications. System is made by gemologist to gemologists, that’s means, you could start work in 5 minutes after installation and all tools are available directly from producer. System has “smart” design and has automatic features, which enhance your productivity! “

Peters Brangulis
Assay Office of Latvia

“We are extremely happy to fulfill the requirement of many larger gemological laboratories with an extended range and signal to noise ratio product. However, GemmoRaman-532 remains our core product as it’s capability for most tasks is more than fine enough, it’s more portable and of course more affordable. We are highly committed to our existing customers, so one of the first design goals was to ensure there is upgrade path for GemmoRaman-532”, says project manager Mikko Åström. GemmoRaman-532 can be easily upgraded to SG and the systems share the same software, spectral libraries & core properties.

Hardware and technical specifications

  • CNC milled stainless steel & anodized aluminum construction; no cheap plastic parts
  • Double sealed optics for preventing dust problems
  • Proprietary Laser stop double safety system
  • Light weight: 7.0 kg
  • External Ocean Optics TEC-cooled QE65Pro Scientific Grade spectrometer
  • Range: ~ 150-5700 cm-1 (up to 765nm)
  • True 16 bit A/D resolution (65,535 counts)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 1000:1 at full signal
  • Dynamic range: 7.5 x 109 (system), 25000:1 for a single acquisition
  • Sensitivity: 22 electrons/count
  • Dark noise: 3 RMS counts
  • Pixel well depth: 300,000 electrons/well, 1.5 m elec/column
  • Detector temp: down to -20° C
  • 21-point wavelength calibration
  • Stray light: <0.08% at 600 nm
  • Corrected linearity: >99.8%
  • NIST traceable intensity calibration up to 4000cm-1, Best effort > 4000cm-1
  • TEC-cooled 532nm DPSS laser (Class IIIb) inside, Class I safety in operation
  • Electrically safe 12V system supplied with laptop type transformer
  • Resolution: 16 cm-1 FWHM
  • Automatic exposure time from 8 ms to 15 minutes
  • Automatic shutter control for CCD dark energy profile compensation
  • 10º-30ºC operating temperature range