Evergreen Gems

“After attending SSEF advanced gemological equipment training, I started looking for a Raman system. I discovered that the GemmoRaman-532 was the only Raman unit in its price/performance class. Other units either cost much more, which I couldn’t afford, or they were cheaper but less complete, with user comments indicating they weren’t well integrated, or didn’t have a good database, or lacked cohesive software.

I purchased the GemmoRaman-532. I think it’s the best solution for members of the trade who do gem IDs but aren’t using Raman now because of the price tag. The system operates reliably, and its results are verifiable. The hardware and software work well together. The database is usable and updated often. The system is integrated with RRUFF, and that has been a great benefit. It takes time to master a Raman system, and units that are more expensive do things this Raman doesn’t, but this one does what I need it to do at a cost I could handle.”